Pr A-M Roussel

5 Questions for Professor Anne-Marie Roussel

Anne-Marie Roussel is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at the Joseph Fourier Scientific and Medical University in Grenoble and has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the AGUETTANT Institute since it was formed.

• Institut: The Institute: In your opinion, what is the role of an institute dedicated to Essential Micronutrients ?

Pr Roussel: The Institute should play a major role in providing scientific education for healthcare professionals to share and update their knowledge in an often ignored but absolutely fascinating field.

• Institut: What made you agree to join the Institute's Scientific Committee when it was formed?

Pr Roussel: It seemed to me that the presence of an academic biologist and researcher, rather than a clinician, would make a meaningful addition to complement the recognised hospital practitioners. I also liked the team, the project and the “pioneering” spirit of the Institute right from the start.

• Institut: The Institute: When healthcare professionals attend the Institute's scientific meetings, what are they looking to find?

Pr Roussel: They find unbiased scientific information, a debate about the benefits and limitations of micronutrients in clinical nutrition and about the latest advances in the field, a group to listen to their problems and offer answers to their questions. And hopefully, after the session, they get a sense of belonging to a well-informed and well-motivated group. The Aguettant Institute relies on the participants at its scientific meetings to pass on the messages of good practices to those around them.

• Institut: Quels sont, selon vous, les meilleurs moyens de faire passer les informations importantes ?

Pr Roussel: To send out the right messages, it is crucial to:
- take ownership of the documents in circulation to master the knowledge base and to be able to redistribute them. Having confidence in the usefulness of the process really helps to get the message across,
- consider and formulate questions and answers relating to good practice and clinical experience.

• Institut: What would be your own message to the people reading this interview?

Pr Roussel: Professor Roussel: If you are interested in micronutrients, do join us! Make the most of the opportunity to join a limited community with access to its scientific meetings that are at the cutting edge, unbiased and an essential element of your profession.